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We are on a mission to help business leaders through events, workshops, free training, important news, updates and more!

We have been working on some exciting plans to help local business owners, managers and leaders to succeed.



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Be the first to know!

Get all the discounts AND receive our latest training video "Feel Good Selling" to help you make an instant impact!



Who Is It For?

  • Small business owners, that are ready to play big!
  • Companies with a team of up to 20 Staff
  • Passion driven Management level employees will benefit too
  • Predominantly Hampshire based (although we will be able to serve further afield)

What We Are Building For You

In-person events

We are planning a series of 1 day and 2 day business events and training. These events will share from our '6 core pillars of business' and promise to inspire action!

Subject specific workshops

Regular workshops covering very specific topics in a practical and helpful way. Keeping you in the know, inspired, accountable and supported.

Breaking news

Let us cut through the overwhelm and the confusion to bring you the latest developments in the business world. Particularly new trends on social media, tech developments, new research and proven successes used by us with our clients.


Full support from the entire team at Tide 55 as well as other local business leaders.


At Tide 55, we have the experience and the expertise to help you using our "6 core pillars of business."

  1. Sales (no sales, no business)
  2. Marketing (More market share in the most effective way)
  3. Service/Product Delivery (Raise the standards, lead your industry)
  4. Team (Support your Staff, professional and personal development)
  5. Finances (Know the numbers, make the margins grow)
  6. Personal Performance (Reaching higher levels of energy, productivity, confidence and leadership)


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